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Remote Start and Security Systems

Not only do we specialize in remote start or auto start systems, we invented the industry leading 2-way remote technology right here in Anchorage. That technology that pioneered a new category of auto customization grew to become CompuSTAR®, a leader in automotive innovations and technological performance.

There are basically 2 types of remote start systems, 1-way and 2-way. 1-way remotes are simple key fobs that with the push of a button send a signal to a receiver in your dash that either starts or stops your vehicles engine. Other functions of a 1-way remote are lock and unlock and a panic button.

2-way remotes usually are a little larger and have a small screen on them to provide the driver with detailed visual information and typically have a much greater signal distance. This way you don’t have to be in direct line of sight with the vehicle because the remote will tell you if the vehicle responded or not. Along with the usual start/stop, lock/unlock and panic features, 2-way remotes can provide temperature information, detect break-in attempts, activate windows or auxiliary functions and more.

Then there is the CompuSTAR® Drone system. The Cadillac of the remote start experience. Utilizing an app on your smartphone and a receiver installed in your vehicle, you can now control all the typical functions of the best 2-way remotes plus some. Track your vehicles location, set geographical perimeter and curfew alarms, receive vehicle health notifications, set custom auxiliary functions and more. All this from a device you use all day anyway. Now from any location in the world with cellphone signal connectivity. Click here for details.

The type of remote start system best for your vehicle is based on your needs and budget. Ask an associate about the details of our available models and how they fit you.

Most people in Alaska who think they don’t need a remote start, and finally get one never look back. We’ve never heard of anyone getting one installed and wishing they hadn’t done so. We do however hear people say they regret not getting one sooner. More than just prepping your vehicle for toasty buns in the winter, a remote start can be a great way to cool your vehicle on a warm summer day, especially when your vehicle has been sitting in direct sunlight for hours. Warm it up, cool it down, either way you make the call when you start or stop your vehicle without having to go to your vehicle.

Full control of your vehicle from your smartphone. Start it, lock it, track it and more. Ask an associate for our current offer. Requires existing remote start or installation of a remote start system. App download is free.

Our premium 2-way remote start and security system. This fob is equipped with a color LED lit screen that provides a large array of functions and notifications. It also boasts an impressive 3,000 feet of range* all in a stylish, chrome accented design.

These available 1-way and 2-way remote start systems vary in signal distance and functionalities. Ask an associate for details.

* Signal distance may vary depending on obstructions, weather, battery strength and other factors and is not guaranteed. Installation costs may be included in price but are subject to change based on vehicle make and model. Additional charges may apply, see associate for details.


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